What does the Google Stadia for video editing looks like?

What does the Google Stadia for video editing looks like?

In this post we will put some light on the reason we very often compare our video editing tool to Google Stadia, the game streaming platform that processes games in the cloud and streams them to your lower spec computer. Even though we are a young startup that just released a product we believe our technology and approach to creating Flixier will either dramatically improve your video editing workflow or change it completely in some cases. Let's see what we mean by that:



Flixier is based on a totally new technology when compared even to existing web based video editing tools. Our approach to exporting video ensures extremely fast speeds while keeping a high quality file output.

If you've been following us you will know by now that we can publish any video up to 1 hour long in  about 1-2 minutes. You may be wondering how is this possible or think  that we are doing something to the files to lower their quality, and you would be wrong. The big secret to our approach is that we line up a lot of computing power to export your files. When using Flixier to export your videos is like using the power of hundreds of CPUs lined up just for you. This means that you are no longer held back by your own device.

Let's get into a more specific example. You have a 30 minutes video that would normally render in 20-30 minutes on your computer (could be a lot more depending on your configuration), when it comes to existing online video editing tools it could get much worse due to their slow servers and waiting  queues. In this case Flixier will use X number of CPUs to render your video in about 1 to 2 minutes. Further on if your video is 60 minutes long Flixier will use X times 2 number of CPUs to still export your video in the same timeframe. There are more details to take into account here but this a simplification of the system that should give you a fairly good idea of the power you have at your disposal. Basically when you use Flixier is like having a handful of CPUs working just for you. Even better there are no waiting queues with our system. 

As you might have guessed by now the publishing speed is the same on chromebooks, utrabooks, old PCs and of course high-end computers. 


Streamlined communication 

You've probably also heard us boasting this word around quite a lot. Let's put some light into how this works by going with a more specific example. Say you finished your first draft on a project and you need feedback from a manager or customer, the next steps look approximately like this: export the video, upload it somewhere, share it and get feedback. We have quite a lot of steps that take a long time already but actually getting the feedback is also complicated, an endless stream of e-mails where no one knows what the other one talks about because it is very hard to pin-point exact locations in the video. You might have the alternative of using something like frame.io but that isn't perfect either because you still have to wait for exports and uploads each time you send a new draft, not to mention the added cost of frame.io.

We think there is a much better way for receiving feedback and sign-off. Since you already uploaded the files needed for your project in Flixier we can use them in many places, with this in mind we built a very flexible online video player that can be used with your project files without rendering. What this means for you is that you can share a link of your project with whomever you like without having to export your project and upload the files to some different service. They will see a simpler interface where they can add time based comments and annotations which are automatically synced with your project to the extend that you can even see them in the video editor. This approach skips the most time consuming steps in the whole review process while enabling you to streamline the communication at the same time. 


Collaboration centered

Collaboration is another big issue, mostly encountered by video editing teams larger than 2 people. We discussed with several media production teams and we heard the same type of complains most of the time. Moving around large files, setting up complex network solutions and buying the hardware that some of these solutions require is very complicated, time consuming and mostly expensive. But there is more to the problem, you also have to keep track of these files and projects, keep them in sync, make back-ups, the headaches are big and many. 

Here is where Flixier's cloud storage for video editing comes in handy again. As with our communication system we still have the files at our disposal since you uploaded on our secure servers. If you need to share them with a colleague all you have to do is send an invite and you can start using the same files instantly, a very similar system to how Google Drive works. This approach also works with your projects which makes the system much more powerful. In future updates we will go as far as allowing more people to work on the same project in real time, very similar to how you edit documents in Google Docs.


Editing features

This is a topic we kind off overlooked while being so excited to show how Flixier is so much better than anything else in other areas. Well you don't have to worry. We will release the first version of Flixier with many medium to advanced video editing features. Our first milestone after release is to reach at least Final Cut Pro X levels of functionality in the near future. 

We know there isn't any other online video editor with this level of functionality and that some of you might be reluctant. Again we are using some of the most advanced web technologies available which enable us to develop new features at great speeds. We also developed new techniques for some of the most challenging aspects of video editing that now give us an edge into adding new features in Flixier. 


What's next? 

We live in a connected world where cloud technologies are leading many industries. Our vision is that any video editor should be able to work in a seamless workflow where the main focus is the actual editing process not the overwhelming amount of tasks and wasted time around it. At this point we believe that using advanced cloud solutions is the answer to that. 

Now we need your help to achieve this goal, join us in building the best online video editing tool. Sign up to use Flixier (it's free to some extent for now) and more importantly contact us on Facebook, Twitter, join our community or e-mail us to offer feedback.

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