Streamlined Communication

Stay in one tool for your video editing and communication.

  • Easily get feedback from involved stakeholders without rendering your video.
  • Simply send a link to share and quickly get feedback on your work.
  • Keep all feedback, changes and in sync directly in Flixier

Powerful editing tools

Fast, powerful and stable, Flixier has the tools you need to get your work done.

  • Edit on a smooth timeline with advanced features like cutting and keyframes.
  • Manipulate assets as you see fit. Crop, trim, resize ...
  • Powerful stage offering depth management, object snapping, work history and more.

Smart Library

We make it simple for you to collaborate and add all kind of components into your library

  • Speed is the name of the game. Upload files at least 4x faster than on Dropbox.
  • Quickly import media from your preferred cloud storage service.
  • Publish files, templates and projects to the team library for others to use instantly.

Easy to use

Flixier has the right usability features to make life easy for you

  • The powerful History, lets you get back to a previous project version with a few clicks.
  • A list of keyboard shortcuts is available and ready to use and adapt to your working habits
  • Edit and export in multiple standardized aspect ratios like Facebook Post, Instagram Story and much more.

Feature by feature

Real time collaboration

Detailed version history


Feedback comments

Email notifications

Optimized performance

Advanced exports

Works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook

Crop, cut, trim

Dramatically speed up your video editing