2.11 Video Transform, Effects and Color adjustments

When you click on a clip in the timeline the Inspector will show you the settings you can adjust for it.

Change transform settings

The first tab is simply called Video and it enables you to change transform settings like video Position, Scale and Canvas Fit.

Here you can also Crop your video and change it's Opacity and Perspective.

Additionally this tab also enables you to Speed up or down videos.

In case you added Transitions or Effects you can quickly replace transitions or remove both of them from this panel too.

Apply effects to video

The second tab allows you to add various effects to your video some of them include Green Screen, Zoom and Glitch.

The first section in the Effects tab let's you apply basic effects like Zoom.

Next up you can work with Green Screen, to use it select the color you want to remove and then drag the slider to the right to change the sensitivity of the effect.

Other options for Effects include Blur, Pixelate, Shadow and a few more. You can use them by dragging the sliders next to their names to increase or decrease the effect.

Video Color Correction

At the top of the color correction tab you will find predefined filters, you can click on them to apply them to your clip, clicking the same filter again will remove it from the clip. They work very similar to Instagram filters, applying them will change the look and feel of your clip.

Lower down you can find Basic color correction settings like Contrast, Brightness and Saturation. To change these settings drag the sliders left or right on each of them.

Scrolling even more reveals more advanced settings like Gama adjustments and Blending modes.

  • To change Gama settings drag the sliders left or right on each of them.
  • To work with Blending modes, first choose a mode and then a color you want to blend with.
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