2.02 Personal Library

The Personal Library is the place where all your uploaded files will live. In Flixier all projects have access to all files. This is view is the same as the one found in your Media Library in the Dashboard meaning that all the folders and organization you create in either one it can be found in the other one too.

How to create a folder in the library

To create a folder in the library you need to right click an empty space and select the Create Folder option, you will be asked to enter a name and a new folder will be created.

How to move media

To move files around in folders just right click on a file or hold down CTRL and click on multiples files to multi-select and then right click, a menu will appear to let you select the folder where you want to move.

How to organize Media

You can also filter media based on type, sort it based on name, recent, size and duration and you can change how big and small the files will be displayed in your panel.

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