2.03 Video Preview Canvas

In Flixier the Video Preview area is very flexible and has multiple functions.By default your project size is set to Full HD 1080p or something similar if you choose an aspect ratio different than 16:9.This means that if you import videos with a smaller resolution they will be shown on the canvas with black bars around them. Higher resolution videos will be down-scaled to 1080p to fit the canvas. Still you have the option to change the size of your canvas (resolution) and the scale of your videos in the canvas.

How to change the video resolution

How to scale a video

You can scale down or up your video both from the canvas and from the Inspector panel from the right side of the screen.

How to rotate a video

You can rotate your video both from the canvas and from the Inspector panel from the right side of the screen.

Clip Snap

Flixier comes with a powerful snapping system that enables you to position videos, images and text with unprecedented ease. Whenever you try to move, resize and rotate media in the video preview yellow lines will help you to achieve the perfect position.

How to create a Picture in Picture effect

To create a Picture in Picture or Side by Side effect you can simply drag multiple items on the canvas and they will be stacked on top of each other. Following the guides above you can move and resize them as you wish.

How to scale and move the canvas

You can scale and move the canvas independent of video resolution or clip size to easily focus on specific aspects of the video.

  1. To move the canvas hover the mouse over it hold down SPACE and click and drag.
  2. To resize the canvas use the percentage indicator on it's lower right.

Canvas settings

In the canvas settings you can change the Project resolution, canvas background color, add Grid Lines and tweak how Snap works. You can also enable disable Preview mode which will show elements outside of the video canvas.

Play controls

Play controls are located in the mid-bottom side of the stage window.  Play button is the middle icon in a triangle shape. Click this to play the video and also pause it.  Next to the play, are the forward and backward buttons. These jump on the video in 1 second increments. The outer edge icons are jump buttons. These jump the play-head at start or the end of the video.

Current Time/Total Time

Current Time/Total Time is present in lower left side of video preview canvas.The first set of numbers are "Current time" and these represent the time the playhead is currently at. "Total time" accounts for the total length of the project.

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