Find out about our latest product changes as we continue
improving Flixier to enable your team to make amazing videos


New Download subtitles and more subtitle formats supported

Introduced a new feature that allows you to download a subtitle generated in Flixier. This is extremely useful if you want to use it later as a YouTube description, send it to colleagues as a resume or just to document your video. On top of that we also improved our import feature which now supports way more subtitle formats. 


New Compress your files to a smaller size

Thanks for reading till the end, we are so happy to share this news with you! So many of you told us that you are struggling with large video files when sharing or storing them. Well, we listened and launched a brand new tool in Flixier that lets you compress those files as much as you want. 


This tool is completely free to use by anyone so be sure to check it out here: Video Compressor - Flixier


New ways to get help

A lot of you told us that the chat bubble is interfering with the timeline while editing, because of that we decided to move it in the Help menu, an easy place to find it and a place where it won’t interrupt your editing flow.

New Features

  • Drag and drop files in the Media Library to upload faster
  • You can now edit comments in Review Links 
  • Organize better by creating Folders in the Projects page
  • The Upload process is easier to follow with the new progress viewer. 


Generate subtitles for your videos in a few clicks 🎉😍🥳

This is one of our most exciting updates since we launched Flixier. Now you can select a clip on the timeline and on the right side of the screen click generate subtitles. We will process your video and a new track with an automatically created subtitle will be added to your project. 

This subtitle will behave exactly like any manually created ones, you can make changes to the text, timings, fonts and colours. 


Blur and keyframes - added the possibility to move a blur shape around using keyframes. Tracking cars and faces has just became way simpler. 


Timeline Trim and Fit

Now, if you try to add a clip on the timeline between two other clips and there isn't enough space a message will ask if you want Trim that clip to Fit in the space. 

Timeline Insert and Push

In the same situation, if you don't have enough space to place a clip between two other videos you now have the option to push all clips to the right to make more space. Just select Insert and Push 

Review Comments Order

You can now change the order of your Review Link Comments based on the Time location they appear on the timeline. Just click on the Order selection button and select Timestamp. 


Network disconnection message

Flixier now shows a message in case your network lost its connection. 


Neural Text to Speech 🎉😍🥳

We are very happy to announce our new Neural Text to Speech implementation. In Flixier you can now paste a text and have our AI read-it out loud with human-like accuracy. 

We know that not everyone is comfortable talking in front of a microphone and we hope this will go a long way helping you create more videos. 


Check your plan reset date - go to your Dashboard -> Billing and Plans to see when your Publish time will reset


Bug Fix - Show correct timeline thumbnails for videos longer than 2 hours


Motion Title update 🥳🎉🎉 

Another week another motion title update. Now you can edit motion titles directly from the video preview. Just select the Motion you want to edit and on the right side of the screen you will be able to change text, colors and fonts. 


Smart text resize for Motion Titles 🎉🥳😎

We are extremely happy to announce that from now on text will resize to fit Motion Titles automatically. No more cut-off text or having to come up with shorter titles. 

P.S. If you want to take advantage of resizable Motion Titles you will need to replace the old ones in your projects with the new ones.

Motion Titles for News reporting

Additionally we added 10 new titles that are perfect for news reporting. Check them out and keep an eye out for more News titles coming soon! 

Styling update

Our old Motion Titles also got a refreshed look, we removed some elements and stylized others to give them a simpler more modern look. 


Hey everyone, quick update fixing a few annoying bugs: 

Bug Fix: sometimes a transition was added when aligning two clips one after the other

Bug Fix: sometimes transition didn't get added when it should

Bug Fix: colour pickers were not positioned correctly, not entirely visible at all times. 

Bug Fix: track mute didn't work when adding an item after muting the track. 

Go back in time! 

Ever wished to check previous versions of your project and see if the changes you've made actually made a difference? 

You can do that now with Flixier in a few clicks. Even more you can also restore an older version of a project and continue working on it if you decide it showed better promise of something great. 


Hello everyone! 

We are extremely happy to announce our new BrandKit feature. 

You can now go in your dashboard and you will find a new BrandKit tab. When you click it you will go into a new section where you can set custom colours and fonts and then use them all over Flixier to easily create content that fits with your brand.

Keep making great content! 


Improved Timeline features

Our timeline is now more intuitive to use, if you didn't do this already go ahead and click the Tracks button on the lower left side of the screen to checkout the changes. 

Each Track now has a handle you can use to drag and re-organize tracks and you can also mute an entire audio track

Adding media to an empty timeline is now easier too, thanks to a new timeline detection system. 

Adding a new Track or Group is also more intuitive, just click the "+Add" button and pick your choice. 


Audio Equalizer (EQ)

Hello content creators! We are supper happy to announce our brand new Audio Equalizer. You can now easily tune and improve your audio with ready to use presets in the Equalizer dropdown list, including 60's, AcousticBass Boost, Hip Hop, Jazz, Loud, Rock, Treble Boost, Vocals, and Custom

If you feel adventurous go ahead and click the Customize button and access the Custom Equalizer options to further adjust the gain by dragging the sliders up or down.

Check it out by clicking on an audio clip in the timeline and look for Equalizer under the Audio properties in the Inspector. 


You can now mute the entire track


Audio Gain and Pan

You can now increase the volume of your audio in Flixier by using our new Gain feature. Even more, you can check your audio levels with our brand new volume meter. Click on the little volume meter under the video preview to open an expanded version for a better view. 


Showing thumbnails for Twitch Imports


Fixed an issue where an an error was shown in the timeline when moving text or motion graphics. 


Screen and Webcam recording

We are excited to announce that you can now record your screen and webcam at the same time. We are sure this will make your life a little easier while creating tutorials, online courses, trainings and many more. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!!! 🎉🍾🥂



You can now dynamically move and scale elements in your video with just a few clicks. Check it out by clicking on a clip in the timeline and look for Keyframes under the Clip properties in the Inspector

Choose Webcam Sources

You can now choose the source you want to record with if you have multiple cameras connected to your computer. 

More Publish Details

When Publishing a project to external sources fails, you will get a notification telling you the reason for the failure so you know how you can fix it.

Improved experience when creating new projects

When creating a new project 3 tracks will be added by default to make it easier for you create more complex compositions.


  • The Camera, Microphone and Screen Record options now have their separate section.


  • Fixed an error when sometimes during export you would get an "app_id is missing" message. 
  • Improved track width calculation for better scrolling and zooming. 
  • Fixed navigation to empty projects. 
  • Sometimes shapes remained sticked to the mouse cursor above canvas.