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IMPROVEMENT🚀 New Subtitle Features 🎬

We just added a series of new subtitle features to Flixier that were designed to make editing subtitles a lot easier. Here’s what’s new: 

Edit Subtitles Directly On The Timeline

Our latest update allows you to adjust the timing of individual subtitles easily by dragging on their edges on the timeline:

Note: you need to double click on the subtitle to enter in the editing mode.


On top of that, you can also: 

🌟 Split and Merge Subtitles 🌟

If a subtitle is too long, you can right-click it in the timeline to split it into two parts. 

🌟 Add Extra Subtitles Easily 🌟

You can now add new cells anywhere inside a subtitle! To do so, create a space for it, right-click on the empty space (marked with orange), and choose Add New Subtitle. Also, you can now edit the subtitle directly in canvas.

After you add a new subtitle, you can reposition it and drag on its edges to adjust the timing.

⚠️ Characters Per Second (CPS) Warning ⚠️

Studies show that people have trouble reading more than 20 characters per second, especially when they’re watching a video at the same time. 

Our new CPS feature displays a warning in the Subtitle menu if your subtitle speed is higher than 20 characters per second to help you create subtitles that everyone can keep up with. 

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