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Create engaging TikTok videos easily, directly in the browser with our TikTok editor. No downloads or installs are needed, just add your videos, make the edits and publish the video. All in just a few clicks without any video editing knowledge.

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Forget about having to send countless emails or messages trying to share feedback when making a video, or wasting time trying to pinpoint the exact spot that needs to be changed. With Flixier you can share projects, media files and leave time based comments on your videos to simplify the editing process for your team and dramatically speed up your video making.
Besides TikTok videos Flixier is suitable to create any type of video which is great when you want to extend your reach to other social media platforms. For example you can easily use it to make videos for your facebook newsfeed, a facebook story or to [https://flixier.com/create/facebook-ad-creator | create facebook video ads].
Extend your audience reach even more with a presence on YouTube. Use Flixier to [ https://flixier.com/create/edit-youtube-videos | edit YouTube videos] and share your ideas and brand on a new social media channel. The direct integration with YouTube lets you publish videos directly from Flixier in just a few minutes, you can also add a description, thumbnail and tags.

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