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Create a surprise gift online, in minutes, with our easy to use birthday video maker. Make videos from photos, add animated text, use transitions and add sound for an amazing video that will make your loved one, a colleague or a friend to appreciate you more.

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Birthday video maker

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Flixier comes packed with effects like slow motion, fast motion, timelapse, freeze frame and many more. This will easily let you add a powerful vibe to your video, like remembering a past moment in slow motion to emphasize on the emotion or maybe in fast motion to make it more fun.
Flixier can be used online on any device or operating system, just open your browser and login into Flixier, here you will find past videos you’ve made and you can start a new one right then and there. Our birthday video maker works flawlessly online meaning that you don’t have to download and install any software to create a happy birthday video.
Use the built in text and sound recording features to either write a personal message to the person celebrating his birthday or even better use our happy birthday video maker to record and add a voice message in the video which will have an even higher impact. A personal message is always better than a written one

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