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Birthday video maker

Capture the magic of your wedding day and transform your cherished memories into a stunning video. With Flixier’s wedding video maker, you can effortlessly mix and match shots, photos, and music to create a dazzling beautiful video that will be cherished for years to come. From captivating save-the-date videos to elegant thank-you e-cards, Flixier offers all the tools you need to elevate your wedding videos into a professional-looking masterpiece. Bring your media files over, jazz them up with touching background music, video filters, and seamless transitions. Get your vows, favorite quotes, and personal wishes displayed on your opening or closing shots as animated text or motion titles. Share your heartfelt creation with your loved ones, all without leaving your browser. 

How to create wedding video:


Upload media

Click on the Get Started button above to open Flixier in your browser. You can easily upload your wedding media such as photos, videos, songs, or visual elements. Import it from your device or cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. 


Edit wedding video

Drag and drop your media to the Timeline and then rearrange, cut, trim, crop, and resize with just a few clicks. Set the mood by adding sound effects like bells ringing, or cheerful  applause. Add your own love song to use as background music. You can also add transitions, filters and incorporate shapes, stickers, personalized animations, motion titles, or captions. 


Save or Share

After finishing your video edits, go to the top right corner and click on Export. Select Video and your wedding video will be automatically saved on your device as MP4, making it easy to store and share. You can also share it with friends or followers on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok thanks to Flixier's social media integrations.

Craft a wedding video that's as unforgettable as the day itself

Whether you're an experienced video editor or a DIY enthusiast groom, our wedding video editor makes it easy to turn your precious moments into professional-looking masterpieces. Combine photos and footage from the proposal, first dance, cake-cutting, and other moments worth remembering . Easily trim, crop, resize, and rearrange media, or add voice overs to share your love story.

Make your wedding video flow smoothly with video transitions

With a wide range of customizable fades, glitch effects, zooms, and wipe transitions at your fingertips, your wedding memories will come to life with unparalleled vibrancy. Customize the duration of each transition or master keyframes, and craft your own unique transitions from the ground up.

Say “I do” to thousands of sound effects and royalty-free songs

Are you ready to make wedding bells ring? With Flixier's extensive collection of sound effects and popular music tracks, your wedding announcement, anniversary video, or actual wedding video will sound absolutely delightful. Give your video a romantic flair by uploading your love song to serve as the background music for your video. 

Need more than a wedding video maker?

Remove background noise

Get rid of background noise and achieve crisp, professional-quality audio for your speech or overall audio recordings. No need for re-recording or dealing with complicated plug-ins anymore!

Add animated text to your video

Showcases all the essential details with animated text. Customize every element, from stunning effects to vibrant colors, size, and placement, to infuse an extra dose of enchantment into your projects.

Draw on videos

Add an artistic flair to your wedding videos, product showcases, or Insta Reels with Flixier's versatile drawing tool. Unleash your creativity with various artistic brushes, customizable brush sizes, and color adjustments.

Why use Flixier as a wedding video maker:

From party invites to wedding anniversaries and beyond

Create unforgettable anniversary moments with Flixier. Whether you're celebrating a wedding milestone or your parents' 30th wedding anniversary, our online video editor makes it easy to craft heartfelt surprises. Turn your favorite memories into stunning videos that bring joy and endless smiles to all involved.

Promote your wedding business with professional videos

From creative video effects to dynamic text and responsive CTAs, Flixier can help you add a professional touch to your promotional wedding business videos, teasers, video ads, or YouTube banners. Make sure your content looks flawless across all platforms with Flixier's social media safe zone feature.

Fast-rendering wedding magic in your browser

Experience the magic of Flixier's powerful cloud computing technology. Say goodbye to bulky software, lengthy downloads, and hardware limitations. With our cutting-edge cloud rendering technology, your wedding video or any other video will be ready for download in under three minutes. You can even post it on social media and dazzle your friends and followers.

Share your big-day highlights straight from Flixier

Save your wedding video as an MP4 and watch it offline on your phone, tablet, or any other device. You can easily upload it to YouTube or share it on your favorite social media platforms to celebrate with your online friends and audience, all thanks to Flixier's intuitive social media integration.

What people say about Flixier

Anja Winter, Owner, LearnGermanWithAnja

I'm so relieved I found Flixier. I have a YouTube channel with over 700k subscribers and Flixier allows me to collaborate seamlessly with my team, they can work from any device at any time plus, renders are cloud powered and super super fast on any computer.

Anja Winter, Owner, LearnGermanWithAnja
Evgeni Kogan

My main criteria for an editor was that the interface is familiar and most importantly that the renders were in the cloud and super fast. Flixier more than delivered in both. I've now been using it daily to edit Facebook videos for my 1M follower page.

Evgeni Kogan
Steve Mastroianni -

I’ve been looking for a solution like Flixier for years. Now that my virtual team and I can edit projects together on the cloud with Flixier, it tripled my company’s video output! Super easy to use and unbelievably quick exports.

Steve Mastroianni -

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to make a wedding video?
What do you need to make a wedding video?

What is included in a wedding video?
What is included in a wedding video?

What makes a good wedding film?
What makes a good wedding film?

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