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Use Flixier to make amazing videos, collaborate in real-time and publish in under 3 minutes

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Powerful, yet simple

Quickly create high quality content no matter your experience level. Flixier combines an advanced interface with ready made drag and drop features to satisfy everyone's needs.

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Be a star on any medium

Perfect to create videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or even for a custom resolution. When your video is ready, publish it on different social media platforms at the same time with a click of a button.

Super fluid on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebook

Flixier is powered by cloud-computing which means speed and fluidity on both a low spec Chromebook and a high end Macbook.
Even more, our groundbreaking rendering tech publishes any video in 1 or 2 minutes.

Collaborate in realtime

Sync projects in real-time with all your colleagues and share files instantly.
Even better you can ask for feedback on your video with a click of a button and no rendering required. Just like Google Docs!

Built-in Motion Graphics and Stock Footage

Dramatically speed-up video creation with over 2 Million built-in Music, Video and Image stock files.
To help you add a professional look to your videos we also include motion titles, animated text and overlays.

Feature by feature

Real time collaboration

Detailed version history


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Optimized performance

Advanced exports

Works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook

Crop, cut, trim

Dramatically speed up your video editing