2.10 How to add and edit text?

How to add and edit text?

To add text to your videos, access the "Text" tab on the left side of the screen and select "Add simple text". A placeholder text will be added on the video canvas and in the timeline. If you can't see the placeholder move the play-head in the timeline to hover over the yellow text outline.


To edit a text you have to click on it to select and then click again to start editing. If the text was already selected you just need to click once to start editing.

How to change text size and position?

As always in Flixier you can drag the text around the canvas to position it and you can drag from it's corners to resize it.

Additionally you can manually enter position, scale and rotation in the inspector on the right side of the screen. These inspector settings are available only when a text is selected. In the Inspector you can also change the Perspective (Skew) of a text and it's Opacity.

How to change text properties?

In Flixier you can personalize text in many ways. Click on a text in the timeline or in the canvas and then select Text properties in the Inspector on the right side of the screen. Here are the settings you can change in Flixier for text:

  • Color
  • Text background color
  • Font family (for languages with special characters browse fonts here based on language and then use in Flixier only the once that support your characters)
  • Font weight (how thin or bold)
  • Font size
  • Line Height
  • Character spacing
  • Text Style (italic, underline, over-line, strike)
  • Alignment (align left, middle or right)  
  • Stroke
  • Border
  • Shadow

How to play text for longer?

To expand or contract the text on timeline, drag from one of the edges, either left or right.

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