Autosave and Project History

Auto-Save ensures that no progress is lost in case of unexpected disruptions like power outages or software crashes. The autosaves are created seconds after your last save, preserving different versions of your project over time, allowing you to easily access and restore previous versions if needed by working together with the Project History feature.

Flixier's Project Version History keeps past versions of your projects saved whether you're making minor edits or major changes providing you with an added layer of protection and flexibility in your video editing workflow.

On the left upper part of the editor, you will find the “History” option. Once you click on it, the Properties menu will update. You will now see a list of all past versions of your project.

Each version is either made by the Autosave feature, or manually saved. To create a manual save click on the “+” button on the top right of the properties panel while the project history is visible.

To quickly revert a change press the Undo button, in case you want your latest change back, you can always press on Redo.

Check out how the Project History function works in the video below:


Project History is available on all plans and we hold two versions in our archive.

To get unlimited versions the Business plan is required.

On all plans versions longer than 30 days will be discarded.

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