2.08 How to add and edit Audio?

Import and cut Audio

Import Audio

Importing Audio in Flixier is similar to importing any other media. Click on the blue "Import" button in your Library, select the source you want to Import from, select the file and then click the Import button.

Cut Audio

To cut an audio clip the process is again very similar to cutting any other media. Drag and drop the clip from the Library to the timeline. Make sure the clip is selected and then click the Cut button or the S button on the keyboard.

Audio Volume

To change the volume of an audio clip, click on it on the timeline to select it, now look in the Inspector on the right side of the screen and drag the Audio Volume slider.

Fade in/out Audio

To add a Fade In or Out effect click on the clip and then in the Inspector click the Fade buttons.

After that, in the timeline you will see a blue outline that defines the effect. You can drag from the sides of the blue outlines to change the duration of the Fade. te-at

Detach Audio

If you would like to separate an audio clip from a video clip you can use the Detach Audio feature by right clicking the video in timeline and selecting "Detach audio".

Now you can add all the other effects like Fade in and Out to this audio too.

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