Keyboard shortcuts

Use CTRL for Windows and CMD for Mac OS X:


CMD / CTRL + S: Project Save

CMD / CTRL + Z: Undo

CMD / CTRL + Y: Redo


While hovering the mouse cursor over the timeline

CMD / CTRL (Hold down) + Mouse Scroll: Timeline Zoom

CMD / CTRL (Hold down) + Left Click: Multiple clip selection

Shift + Mouse Scroll: Horizontal Timeline Scroll

Ripple Split : SHIFT (Hold down) + Left Mouse Button drag: Cuts multiple clips on different tracks at once and moves them in the direction of the mouse drag creating a gap where other media can be added.

Ripple Move : Select the clip + SHIFT (Hold down) + Left Mouse button drag: Moves media files but keeps their relative position from each other

Click and Drag: Multi-select clips from your timeline

Video Canvas

While hovering over the canvas

CMD / CTRL (Hold down) + Mouse Scroll: Canvas Zoom

SPACE (Hold down) + Left Mouse click and drag: Canvas Pan

Copy and Paste

CMD / CTRL + C: Copy elements in the timeline or canvas

CMD / CTRL + V: Paste elements in the timeline or canvas

CMD / CTRL + X: Cut elements in the timeline or canvas

Pasting an element will position it on a new track at the top of the timeline where the play-head is positioned.

Cut and Delete

S : Makes a cut at the position of the play-head

DEL: Deletes the selected clip

SHIFT + DEL: Ripple Delete (deletes the clip and everything on the track moves to the left)

Note: Some Mac OS X systems don’t recognize CMD combinations for shortcuts in the browser if that happens try to use Control instead.

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