Blur and Pixelate videos

Flixier's blur and pixelate effects are powerful video editing effects that can be used to obscure sensitive or unwanted elements in your footage. Whether you need to blur out a license plate, hide someone's face, or obscure sensitive information, Flixier's blur and pixelate effects have got you covered.

How to blur or pixelate specific parts from your video

  1. Import the clip and add it to your timeline. 
  2. Go to the Library menu on your left and click on the Shapes button. Next click on the dropdown button near the square shape and select Square Mask to add the Mask on the timeline and the video canvas.
  3. To add a pixelation or blur effect on the mask, click on it and go to the Properties menu on the right side of the screen. There, you’ll find some effects, including blur and pixelate.
  4. Select one of them and you’ll see the mask update with the effect on your canvas preview!

You can modify the mask’s position and size either by dragging it around with the mouse or by modifying the scale and position of it in the Properties menu.

To modify how long the mask stays on your video, drag the square mask edges on your timeline.

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