Pause subscription

We offer the option to pause your subscription if you need a break from video editing! Pausing your subscription is a great way to take a breather without losing your projects.

While your subscription is on pause, you'll retain limited access to your Flixier account.

You can view and download existing projects, however, you won't be able to create new projects, edit existing ones, or utilize premium features.

Subscriptions can be paused for a minimum of one month and up to a maximum of three months. You will not be billed during the pause period. Once the pause period concludes, billing will automatically resume. After the pause period, you will regain full access to Flixier's features.

To pause your subscription, head over to Billing and Plans. Once you’re in the Billing and Plans page, scroll down and select the “Cancel Subscription” option on the down-right corner. 

You will be first prompted with the option to take a break, simply choose a duration and click on ”Pause Subscription”.

If you decide to resume your subscription before the paused period ends, you can easily do so in your Billing and Plans page. Billing will commence from the day your subscription resumes.

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