Picture in Picture Effects

Make a picture-in-picture effect

Drag and drop a video or an image on the timeline. Next drag another video or image on top of the one you added first in the timeline. Resize and position the top clip or image by dragging it from its corners to make it fit your needs. You can keep doing this with as many videos as you want.

  1. Import two clips and drag them to your timeline.
  2. Make sure that the clip you’d like on top of the other one is positioned on top of it in your timeline.
  3. Shrink the top video by clicking on it on the preview canvas and dragging the selector points of the clip. 
  4. Move the clip around by simply holding and dragging around your preview canvas. 

Make a split-screen effect

To make a split-screen video you need to position two videos one next to the other. Next, make sure that the videos are sized the way you want and you can even add a line to separate them.

  1. Import two clips and drag them to your timeline. Position one video on top of the other in your timeline.
  2. Select each of them in your timeline, go to the video tab and select the “Fit to Canvas” option. After you fit to canvas, you can still move the video left or right to choose which part you would like to be visible.
  3. Select the video on top, go in the Video tab on your Properties menu and click on crop. Now you can crop it on the left or right, depending on what part you would like the video on top to be.

Add a frame to a Picture in Picture video

To add a frame to your PiP video just add a rectangle shape under the video on your timeline and make it a bit larger than the video itself, this will add the illusion of a frame. If you want to change its color just change the color of the rectangle.

  1. After you have adjusted the size of your PiP video, go to the “Shapes” button on your Library tab and select a rectangle. 
  2. That will create a rectangle media file in your timeline and you’ll also find it in your preview canvas.
  3. Make sure that the rectangle media file is under the PiP video on your timeline. 
  4. If you want to change the color of the rectangle, click on it and look in your Properties menu. You will find the “Shape Color” option, click on that and you can now change the color.
  5. You can now click on the rectangle in the preview canvas and you can adjust its size to be a little bigger than the PiP video by dragging the selector points on it. 
  6. Now you only need to press and hold on the rectangle in your preview canvas and position it under the PiP video.

Make a video collage

Making a video collage with multiple videos is easy with Flixier. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Start a new project and upload the videos you want to include in your video collage to your media library.
  2. Drag and drop the first video onto your timeline. Then, drag and drop the second video onto the timeline, positioning it under the first video.
  3. Resize and adjust the position of each video by clicking on the video in the preview canvas and using the selector points.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for each additional videos you want to add to the collage.

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