Billing periods

There are two billing periods you can choose when you have decided on a plan: monthly or annual. 

Monthly subscriptions require subscribers to make monthly payments for the plan they are using. Annual subscriptions require subscribers to pay once a year for the plan they will use. The yearly subscription is more advantageous for our users as we offer a discount! 

The billing for the subscription renewal may happen in advance, exactly at the time of purchase or shortly after purchase. If you cancel your recurring payment option, your account and subscription will remain active until its next renewal date.

The renewal date refers to the specific day when your subscription period ends, and your subscription is automatically extended for another cycle, if you haven’t canceled it. It is the date on which you are billed for the next subscription period, typically on a monthly or annual basis.

The reset date is the day when your monthly quotas associated with your subscription plan are reset.

These include usage allowances such as export time, transcription time, translation time and audio enhancement time. The reset date marks the beginning of a new period during which you can utilize these resources according to your subscription plan's terms.

The renewal date is on the same day as the reset date. 

Add-ons you purchase are also renewed monthly or annually, depending on the billing period of your subscription.

Method of payment and taxes

There are two methods of payment that you can choose from: Credit Card and Paypal (not available in all countries). 

By using the Credit Card method, you will need to enter the 16 digits of your credit card number, the expiration date of your card and your CVC (Card Verification Code). Select your country, and if applicable, your VAT ID. 

Depending on your country of residence and your status (business or private person), local country taxes such as VAT (value-added tax) may be added to the amounts you have to pay. If you are purchasing as a business add your VAT number and you will not be charged for it. 

Once the payment has been processed, you should receive an email confirmation.

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