Motion Titles, Calls to Action and Overlays

Overlays. The library comes packed with animated Lower Thirds, social media Calls to Action, Titles and overlays that can be used as transitions.

Motion titles

How to add Motion Titles to your videos

These assets can be found under the text tab in the Library Panel, to use them drag and drop the one you like in the video preview canvas or on the timeline. You can drag from its corners in the video preview to make it bigger or smaller and you can also drag and move it around to change its position.

How to edit text on Motion Titles

To edit the text on a motion title click on one in the timeline and select the Animation tab in the right menu. Next, replace the text with your own in the text boxes on the right side of the editing window that shows up.

You can also change the font and the colors of the objects included in the Motion media file. 

How to change font on Motion Titles

To change the font on a Motion Title click on the little icon next to the text box in the Edit animation window. You will be able to browse through the entire library of Google Fonts and choose the one you like best.

How to change shape colors on Motion Titles

You can change the shape colors in the Edit animation window. Just click on the shape you want to change, select a new color and press Done.

Calls To Action

You can find CTAs in the Motion section of the Library Panel under the Graphics Tab and you can drag and drop them in the timeline or Canvas just as you do with Motion Titles or any other objects.

You can also Move and Resize CTAs if you drag them around the video preview or if you click and drag from one of their corners.

Edit text and fonts on CTAs

Editing CTAs text and fonts is exactly the same as with Motion Titles.


These animated objects can be used as an alternative to transitions when changing between clips. Overlays can be found in the Motion section of the Library Panel under the Overlays tab.

Add Overlays to video

To use an Overlay drag and drop it in the timeline on a new track on top of two clips. Position the Overlay center roughly where there is the split between the two clips.

Edit Overlays colors

To edit the colors on an Overlay click on it and then head over to the Animation section in the Properties Panel, click on Shape color that yoiu want to change and select a new color.

Can I add my own motion graphics?

Of course! You'll need a custom After Effects plugin to convert them into a format understood by browsers, but it's possible.

Our recommendation and the one we've been using for the built-in animations is Bodymovin. Just export the animation into a JSON file and upload it just like any other asset. If everything went well with the export, you should be able to view and edit it inside Flixier.

Also, check out this Lottie Gallery: it has a lot of animation and they're already converted for usage on the Web.    

PS: since there's a lot of 3rd party software involved in this process we can't guarantee that all your custom animation will work or that you'll be able to edit them 100%. But for the majority of cases it should work

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