Export and Download your video

When you finish editing a video you can click the blue Export button at the top right of the editing screen and a small window shows up to guide you through the export process which is super simple.

Just choose a file type for your export between Video, Audio and GIF and press the Export and Download button.

By choosing video, the project will generate as an .MP4 media file. MP4s are video format files that contain audio. This format is the best for sharing videos with audio on platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and so on!

Flixier processes video exports at super speed in the cloud meaning that even an 1 hour 4K video will export in just a couple of minutes on any computer from an old PC to a low powered laptop or chromebook, all thanks to our proprietary video rendering tech.

By choosing GIF, the project will generate as an .GIF media file. Whereas GIFs are animated images compressed into frames that loop around which gives them that "repeated" effect. GIF image files are commonly used on the web to display graphics and logos. They also support basic animation, which means they're a popular file format for memes on social media sites.

GIFs are an average of 5-10 times larger than an efficiently encoded MP4 video.

By choosing Audio, the project will export as an .mp3 media file. MP3 offers advantages because the files can be streamed easily and usually without disruptions over the Internet as a result of their small size. This allows you to easily distribute your music without technical difficulties.

After you have selected the format, the video will start exporting and it will automatically download to your computer when ready. You can also close the browser and the export will continue processing on our servers but if you do that we advise you to add your Name and email address in the window that shows up after pressing Export, so you can come back to the Exports tab later and find it in the dashboard.

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