Upgrade to a PRO or Business Account

Learn how you can upgrade your Flixier experience.

To get your Flixier experience to another level we recommend upgrading to a paid account. You can do this from the Flixier dashboard or from within the tool itself when you encounter a paid feature.

Upgrade to a paid subscription

With a Flixier paid subscription you have acces to more features and increased limits for exporting, storage, auto subtitles and more.

When you purchase a subscription you agree that we will automatically bill you every month or every year.

Tax Rate (VAT - value added tax)

  • The Flixier subscription price does not include applicable Tax Rates (VAT)
  • When you select a plan or when you click upgrade in the Tool the price will be updated to reflect the full amount including VAT according to your country legislation.
  • If you are a business owner with a valid VAT ID you can add it here to remove the additional tax rate.

Upgrade from the Flixier dashboard

  1. Go to the Billing Dashboard.
  2. Select the plan that you want by clicking on the "Go Pro" or "Go Business" button
  3. Add your payment details in the following pop-up.

Upgrade from the tool

When you find a feature that needs a paid account or when you are over one of the free plan limits you will get a message to upgrade. When you click on upgrade on that message a pop-up like the one below shows up where you can enter your Card details and then Subscribe.

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