Video Size and Aspect Ratio

Selecting the video size

By default your project size is set to Full HD 1080p or something similar, if you choose an aspect ratio different than 16:9. This means that if you import videos with a smaller resolution they will be shown on the canvas with black bars around them.  To quickly fix black bars, select the video in your timeline, go to your properties menu and select Fit to Canvas or Fill to Canvas. Keep note that resizing a clip to be bigger than the set resolution of the project will decrease the quality of that specific resized clip.

To avoid having a decrease of quality in that clip, you can resize the entire project to match the clip’s resolution. Once you open your project, look at the Properties menu on the right, and select a resolution that matches your clip. 

Default Project Sizes

When you first create a project, you will see four formats from which you can choose. Widescreen, Social, Square, Portrait. Widescreen (16:9) is a safe choice for all videos that are landscape-orientated, and it’s great for publishing on Youtube. Social (4:5) is the best for posts on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. The Square (1:1) is brilliant if you want aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed videos. 

Portraits (9:16)  work well for stories on all social platforms, and they fit perfectly to the modern-day smartphone screen.

Flixier also comes with othe default resolutions and video sizes that you can choose after you created a project.

Scaling a clip to fit your project

If you would like to keep the same resolution throughout your video but you need to resize a clip in it, you can do that by clicking on the video in the preview canvas and clicking and dragging the handles from the corner of the clip, you can also select the fill or fit to canvas options on the Properties panel on the right side of the screen. 

Custom Project Resolution

In Flixier you can also set a custom resolution for your video allowing you to create banners, small gifs and other creative projects. 

To set a custom resolution just head over to the Properties panel on the right side of the screen. Make sure nothing is selected on the timeline or canvas so you are seeing the Project Settings.

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