Speed up or Slow down your Video

With Flixier's video speed up or slow down feature, you can adjust the speed of your videos to create captivating content, whether you want to add emphasis to a particular moment or create a time-lapse effect.

To change the speed of a clip in Flixier, select it in the timeline, go to the Video tab on the Properties Panel and open the Video Speed menu. Choose between one of our preset speeds or use the slider to set your video to a custom playback speed. 

If you want to change the speed of a particular section in your video, you need to separate that section by doing one or two cuts. Make the first cut at the beginning of the section you want to modify  and the second cut at its end. Next, click on that new section to select it, go to the Properties menu, select the Video Speed effect on the Video tab and then change the speed by using the slider or by selecting a speed preset.

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