Generate Transcript

Flixier can recognize voices from video or audio files and generate super accurate transcriptions from them. There are two ways to generate transcriptions! Through our video editor and through Flixier’s quick tool! 

Generate a transcription from the video editor

In the video editor we will use the automatic subtitle generation feature to generate a transcript. If you just need the transcript don’t worry about the subtitle part, just follow the next steps to download the transcript in minutes. 

There are two methods to generate transcriptions when you’re in the video editor!

By right clicking on a video in the Timeline

Just upload a video, drag it down your timeline, right-click on it and select Generate Subtitles. The video will be processed and in a few minutes the subtitle will be created. Processing time depends on the length of your audio or video and in some cases it may take a while.

From the Library Panel

To generate a transcription, you can go to the Library tab and select the Subtitles option. From there, click the “Auto Subtitle” option and choose the clip you want transcribed from your timeline. From there, click the “Auto Subtitle” option and choose the clip you want transcribed from your timeline. The system will then process the video, and within a few minutes, the subtitle will be automatically created. It's important to note that the processing time may vary depending on the length of your audio or video, and in some cases, it may take longer.

Download the Transcription

In both cases, to download the transcription after it has been generated, click on the subtitle media file in your timeline to select it, go to the Properties menu on your right, select the “Subtitle” tab, choose the format you’d like your transcription to be and just press on the download button! 

Generate a transcription from the Quick Tool

Head over to the Quick Tools section of Flixier’s dashboard, and select the “Generate Transcript” tool. You first need to upload your media file, or browse through one of your existing files and select one. 

You will be taken to the next page, where you can preview the media file you have selected, manually select the language spoken in the media file, or let Flixier detect it, and start the generation process!

Your transcript will start processing, and once it’s done, the page will be updated. You will now be able to modify your transcription timestamps and download your subtitles.

Each transcription line is organized into text boxes. Over each text box, you will see when the transcription line starts (IN) and when the transcription line ends (OUT). For maximum precision, you can manually enter the second, minute and hour when you would like the transcription line to appear and end. This is helpful if you want to use this transcription on YouTube and upload it as a subtitle file. Otherwise, if you just need the text you can ignore these timings because they will not be shown in the text file you will download. 

On the bottom left of your screen, you will be able to select the desired transcript format and download it! 

Available transcription download formats

Once the transcription has been generated, you can choose from the following formats to download your transcription as: 

  1. .TXT, .TXT No Timestamps - which can be opened on a simple notepad, the only difference is that .TXT No Timestamps will only contain text making it easy to edit and re-use in other contexts like document creation or video descriptions. 
  1. .SRT, .VTT, .STL, .SBV, .SUB, .ASS, .DXFP, .TTML. - are commonly used subtitle formats, the most used and compatible being .SRT and .VTT. 

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