Video Compressor

With Flixier's Video Compressor quick tool, you can optimize your videos for efficient storage and seamless sharing.


  1. Head over to the Quick Tools section of your main dashboard in Flixier and click on the Video Compressor tool. 
  2. You first need to upload your media file, or browse through one of your existing files and select one. 
  3. After it’s been uploaded, you will be taken to the next page, where you can preview the media file you have selected and select the compression settings, which include two compression modes: Bitrate and CRF.
  4. With both modes, you will be able to select the amount of compression and frame rate with the help of two sliders. By moving those sliders, you will see the estimated compression size change. 
  5. Under the Compression settings, you will also be able to change the resolution of the video. 
  6. After the estimated compressed size is fit to your needs, just click on “Compress Video”.
  7. The file will now start being compressed! After it’s been compressed, the page will update and you will have the option to download the video, edit it in the video editor or download it!

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