Video Loop

Whether you want to create a short GIF or a longer looped video, Flixier's loop effect makes it easy to achieve a professional look. With just a few clicks, you can set your entire video to loop or create a custom loop that repeats a specific section of your footage.

Here are the steps to loop a video in Flixier: 

1. Click to select a video on your timeline, look through the Properties Panel on your right side, on the Video tab and scroll down to the Loop option.

2. Click on Loop Video, then choose the number of times that you want your video to loop.

3. If you want it to repeat more than four times, click the Custom option and type in the number of loops you’d like your clip to have. You can also drag your mouse over the number while holding down left-click in order to increase or decrease the number.

If there are effects or cuts on the video you’d like to loop, the tool won’t work automatically, but you can loop manually! To manually loop a clip, you select the clip you want to repeat by clicking on it, press CTRL-C to copy it, and CTRL-V to paste it again in your timeline. You can repeat this for as many times as necessary and arrange it however you like.

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