07. Partnerships

Enhance Audio

With Flixier’s audio enhancement tool, you can increase the quality of your audio content and make it sound a lot better!


  1. Go to the Quick Tools section of your main dashboard in Flixier and click on the Enhance Audio tool.
  2. Select the media you want to enhance from your Flixier library or import it from your computer.
  3. After the audio gets processed, choose the enhancement type you want to apply and the type of content.
  4. You can improve the quality of the audio, clean up the speech, fix the loudness and levels, and reduce the background noise.
  5. Select your content type from options like conference, interview, lecture, mobile phone, music, podcast, studio recording, or voice recording.
  6. Click on Enhance Audio to start processing the audio file. Once the process is complete, you can download the enhanced audio.

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