Add and customise Transitions

You can use transitions on all object types, from videos to images and text, you can also add them on motion elements.

Add transitions

Transitions are used to create a smoother change between timeline objects. To use transitions in Flixier go to the left tab called "Transitions" and browse from a library of over 55 available.

To apply one, drag and drop it at the start or end of a video, image, text or motion element.

When you have successfully added a transition, a blue outline will show up on the timeline object.

Change the duration of a transition

To change how long a transition will last, drag from the side of the blue outline that shows that a transition is set on a timeline object. You can also change it in the properties panel if you want to be more precise. 

Add in-between transitions

For a nicer transition between two cuts, add the same transition to the end of the first timeline object and the beginning of the second one. Next, drag and drop the second clip to the left to overlap it with the first one. This will create a blend between the two timeline objects, a simple way to create beautiful in-between transitions. 

Alternatively you can just drag and drop a clip from right to left so it overlaps with the previous timeline object. This will automatically add a fade transition between the two timeline objects. 

At this point you can right click on the transition in the timeline and select another one from the dropdown menu.

Remove transitions

To remove a transition, click on the timeline object in the timeline where the transition is placed. Next look in the Properties menu and you will find a list of transitions added to that timeline object. Click the trash-can in front of the transition you want to remove.

Swap transitions

To swap transitions just drag and drop a new one from the list over the already applied transition. 

A second method is to click on the timeline object and search for a transition directly in the Properties menu by clicking on the transition name at the top right of the screen.

Swapping a transition will retain the duration setting of the previously set one while removing and adding a new one will reset the duration to default.

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