Flixier Dashboard - Intro

After creating an account and activating it you will first land on the Flixier Dashboard.  This is the central management interface for everything Flixier. Here you can view and manage your projects and create new ones. This is also the place where you can view your published videos and manage them. It is also the location where you can manage your Review Links - more on those later. Even more, if you need to make changes to your account this is also the place.

All Projects Tab

Flixier is set to land on the Projects Tab first, here you can view your existing projects, select them to continue editing, create new ones, rename them and even share them as review links.

Published videos Tab

This is the place where all your published projects can be found. Here you can click on a video to view it again, download or delete them.

Review Links Tab  

This is the Review link management section, here you can see all the links you shared with your collaborators to gather feedback. You can change settings for the links, delete them and just copy them to share with other people.

Dashboard Side Panel

The side panel is your one place access to all the settings concerning your account. When you enter Flixier you are directed to the Your Space section - this is where you will do most of your work.

If you go into "Account Settings" you will be able to make changes like your name, e-mail address and password.

The "Users and Teams" section lets those of you part of a team to see all the members. Admins will be able to invite new members too.  

The "Billing and Plans" section shows the plan you are on and it also enables you to purchase more storage, publish time, or member seats.  

This is a quick intro about our Dashboard, if you have any questions about it let us know.

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