Understanding the Dashboard

When you enter Flixier, you’ll land on our video editor interface. To access your dashboard, press “Back to Projects” in the top left corner of the screen.  This is the central management interface for everything Flixier.

Here, you can view and manage your projects and create new ones. You can also view and manage your published videos. If you need to make changes to your account, this is also the place.

Projects Tab

Flixier is set to land on the Projects Tab first, here you can view your existing projects, select them to continue editing, create new ones, rename them, and even share them with your team to edit or as review links!

To select them, simply click on them. To have more actions available, click on the three dots on the right corner of the project. 

You will have the option to rename your project, duplicate it, export it, share it as a review link, share it with your team, move it to a folder, or delete it.

To create a folder, click on the “New Folder" button just under your team members.

Media Library Tab

Here you can see all the media files you have uploaded to Flixier, your videos, photos, and audio recordings. If you’d like to free up storage space, this is where you can delete the media files you don’t use anymore. 

If you right-click anywhere in between the media files, you will have the option to create a new folder, or import media files.

Review Links Tab  

This is the Review link management section, here you can see all the links you shared with your collaborators to gather feedback. You can change the settings for the links, delete them, and copy them to share with other people.

On each review link, you should see a preview image of the project, the title, the visibility of the link, number of comments, expiration date and number of versions.

If you click on the three dots on the right of the review link, you will be able to open the project, open the review link’s settings, or delete it. 

Once you open the settings, a menu will appear where you can copy the URL of the review link, and change its expiration date, or visibility. After you make changes to those settings, you can update your review link.

Exports Tab

This is the place where all your exported projects can be found. 

To see the available actions, click on the three dots on the right corner of the export. You will have the option to download your export, publish it, or delete it.

If you choose to publish it, a menu will appear, where you can select the platform you want to publish the export to. To select a platform, just make sure you check it. You can check multiple platforms if you want your export to appear on those platforms.

Depending on the platform you wish to publish the export, you can change the title, description, thumbnail, tags, privacy, and even schedule the publishing date.

Publishing videos that are already exported will not count against your video export allowance.

Templates Tab

Here, you can select between various templates. Hovering over them will show you a quick preview of the template. You will also be able to see the duration of the template on the right corner.

Once you click on a template, the editor interface will appear with the template elements already created on the timeline.

Brand Kit Tab

With the Brand Kit, you can incorporate your brand's colors and fonts into your videos, ensuring a cohesive and professional look across all your content.

To add brand colors, click on the plus sign to add a new color, then change it to your brand color by clicking on it. A color selector menu will open, where you can manually move the slider and select the color you want, or you can simply insert the color number.

To delete a brand color, hover over it, and click on the trashcan symbol.

To add fonts, click on “Choose a font”, and a dropdown menu with multiple font options will appear. You are also able to upload your own custom font.

Dashboard’s Side Panel

Above all, you will find the “User Management” settings. This is where you can change your teamspace, create a new team or edit your current  team. You can add members, remove them and change your team’s name. 

The “Home” section is your main page! Here you can find all of the things mentioned earlier!

On the “Quick tools” section, you’ll find four quick beta features: the Screen Recorder, Enhance Audio, Video Compressor, and Generate Transcript. You have access to these features in your editor, too, but if you just need to screen record something, enhance an audio file, compress a clip, or generate a transcription, you can access those faster here! 

The "Billing and Plans" section shows the plan you are currently on and the option to upgrade it! Down below, you can purchase add-ons to get more storage, publish time, or member seats!

On the bottom right corner of the page, you will find the option to cancel or pause your subscription.

  • On the "Invoices" tab, you can find your past generated invoices and download them.
  • On the "Payment method" tab, you can change your method of payment or your invoice details! 
  • On the "Bonuses" tab, you’ll find different platforms where you can leave your honest review of Flixier and get various rewards! Lastly, you'll find your personal referral link! If your friend uses your link, they get a little bonus, and if they purchase a plan, you will receive a bonus, too! 

Top section

On the upper right part of the interface, you can check your notifications, get help from our customer support team, leave feedback, and read our announcements! Here, you will also find your blue export button, which will open the export menu. By pressing on the Gift icon, you will head over to the Bonuses tab.

 Lastly, you will see your user icon with your account photo. By clicking on it, you can access your account settings, team settings, Billing and Plans menu, change the language, or log out. 

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