Team Setup and Management

Add team members

To add a new member to your team, head over to the Team management section of your dashboard by following these steps: 

  1. Click on your team name at the top left of the screen while in your dashboard.
  2. Select "Team Members".
  3. Click on "Add new member"

A pop-up window will appear where you can enter your future member’s email address and role. To invite multiple members at once, click on the plus symbol. 

After you have added your team member’s email address, click on “Invite”. Your team member will receive an invitation to join your team on their email. Once they log into their Flixier account, they will see the invitation on their upper left corner of Flixier’s main dashboard. A new team will appear, and they can select that team to accept or decline the invitation.

Delete team members

On the Team Members tab, you will see each member of your team. If you’re the owner or administrator of your team, you will be able to remove members from your team, change their roles, or add new members. 

Once a user gets deleted from a team, all of their assets, projects, and exports will be packed into a folder and assigned to the team owner.

Workspace management

Each workspace has its own Subscription plan, payment options, and team members. To see more details about your team, click on the Team icon on the left upper corner of your screen in Flixier’s main dashboard. 

A dropdown will appear where you can select one of your teams. You will also see the “Team Settings” and “Team Members” options. 

On the Team Settings tab, you will see the name of the team, the team owner, the current subscription plan of your team, the total members of your team, the total number of projects, and the last reset date of your team allowances.  If you’re the owner of the team, you can change your team’s name, icon photo, and upgrade the plan of your team on this page. 

Keep in mind that each workspace is its own entity, and you cannot move media files or projects between workspaces.

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