Get feedback on your project

Sharing the project

To share your project for review, you need to click the "Share" button on the top right of the screen, and from the drop down menu, click "Share as Review Link".

A new window will open where you configure the link. After the configuration, click "Generate share URL". This will generate the link that you will copy and share with your teammate. You can share the link via an email or an instant messaging app.

If you make any changes to the project, repeat the process of sharing the file for review and click on "Update your Review Link". The link will update automatically and you don't have to send it again.

Review with comments

After the process of sharing occurred, copy the generated link and open it in a new tab. This will open a page where you can comment on the project and leave feedback.

Every comment is logged (timestamped"> so you know where to apply the edits in case they are needed. You also have marks directly on the timeline that correspond to the comments timestamp.

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