Freeze Frame

The Freeze Frame feature in Flixier allows you to pause the action in your video at a specific moment and hold it for as long as you like. This can be a useful tool for emphasising a particular moment, creating a dramatic effect, or even just adding a bit of variety to your video.

To create a freeze frame effect follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the video you’d like to freeze a frame from and select the “Freeze the current frame” option.
  2. Now you can manually insert the frame number or move the playhead to a specific frame. If you just want to freeze the frame you selected you don’t need to make other changes. 
  3. Insert the duration of the frozen frame. 
  4. Once everything is entered, select Add and you will see a crossed out section of that clip in your timeline. That crossed out section represents the time where the frame is frozen.

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