Animate with Keyframes

Use keyframes to make your content stand out through animation.

Keyframes allow you to move or scale videos, images, text or shapes in the video canvas based on a timeframe. For example you can set a text to move from position A to position B as time passes by in your video. To be even more precise we can say that your text will smoothly move from the left side of the screen, where it is positioned at second 1 in the video to the right side of the screen at second 2 in your video. 

Adding keyframes

There are two ways to add keyframes to an object in your video. 

1. From the Properties Panel

Click on the video in the timeline and head over to the Properties Panel on the right, here you will see the Animation section, click on it and it will display several options. 

You can choose from predefined animations to move, wipe or resize objects or you can select Custom to create your own animation. 

2. By right clicking on a video in the Timeline

When you right click on a video in the timeline an option to add a keyframe will appear. 

If you click on that option a Custom keyframe will be added to the object automatically. 

Animate Objects

1. Custom animations

When you select “Custom” two keyframes represented by two dots are added on the object in the timeline. The first dot represents the start of the animation and the second dot represents the end of the animation. To create an animation click on the first dot and select a position or a size for your object (you can also leave this as it is if you are fine with the current position or size) then click on the second dot and select the position or size that you want your object to be at that time. At that point an arrow will appear between the two points showing that an animation will happen between them. Playback the video to see the animation in action! 

2. Preset animations

When you select an animation preset the two dots will be automatically added to the object along the specific action from the animation preset, this will be indicated by the arrow connecting the two dots. For example, if you choose the Slide animation the movement action will be applied directly.  

You can make changes to each point in the animation by clicking on the keyframe dots and selecting a different position or size. 

Change the animation length

To change the animation length simply click and drag the keyframe dots along the length of the video in the timeline. 

Make the animation smoother with Easing

Flixier also supports a powerful keyframe option named Easing. This allows you to make the beginning or the end of the animation smoother by changing how the animation speeds up or slow downs. 

To change the easing of an animation click on the starting keyframe and then select the easing type from the properties panel and where you want to apply it (Animation In, Animation Out or Both).

We suggest playing around with this option as it can drastically change the feel of your animation and make it look way more professional. 

Delete a keyframe 

To delete a keyframe simply click on the dot in the timeline and then click “Delete Keyframe” from the Properties Panel.

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