Color correction and filters

Color correction in video editing refers to the process of adjusting and balancing the colors and tones of a video to achieve a desired visual effect or correct any inconsistencies in the footage. 

In Flixier, you have access to several tools and filters that allow you to perform color correction and enhance the overall appearance of your videos.

The color correction features are available in the color tab on the right properties menu after you select a photo or video media file in your timeline. To select, just click on the media file and the right menu will update.

 You will be able to manually choose the intensity of each feature with the help of a slider. 


Adjusting the brightness can make the video appear lighter or darker, depending on your preference. Increasing the brightness can improve visibility in darker scenes, while decreasing it can reduce overexposure in brighter areas.


The vibrance control allows you to boost or reduce the intensity of the colors in your video. Increasing the vibrance can make the colors appear more vivid and saturated, while decreasing it can create a more subdued or muted look.


Modifying the contrast can help fine-tune the difference between light and dark areas in the video. Increasing the contrast can make the image appear more dynamic and visually striking, while decreasing it can soften the overall appearance.


 Saturation control enables you to adjust the overall intensity of the colors in your video. Increasing saturation can make the colors more vibrant and bold, while decreasing it can create a more desaturated or muted look.

Hue Rotation

With the hue rotation control, you can shift the overall color tone of the video. This allows you to experiment with different color effects or correct any color casts present in the footage.


Adjusting the gamma can help you fine-tune the mid-tones of the video, allowing you to control the overall brightness and contrast in a specific tonal range. You will have three tonal range sliders: Red, Green and Blue.


In addition to these controls, Flixier offers a range of filters such as Polaroid, Sepia, BlackWhite, Vintage, Brownie, Kodachrome, Invert, Technicolor, Grayscale, Emboss, Sharpen, and more. These filters can instantly apply predefined color and tone adjustments to your videos, giving them a specific look or style.

By utilizing the color correction controls and filters in Flixier, you have the flexibility to enhance the colors, tones, and overall visual appearance of your videos, bringing them to life and achieving the desired artistic effect.

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