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Hey Flixier users! We are back with a handy new update. 👋👋

NEW Short Select
We're thrilled to announce Short Select, a feature that enables you to edit videos and repurpose content faster than ever. 

Short Select allows you to highlight only a part of the timeline and perform a number of super useful quick actions on that selection. Here is a quick run-down of what you can do:

1. Export Selection - export just the video that is highlighted with Short Select

2. Save as New Project - create a new project from the selection, further on you can change the size of the video in the new project to easily publish on social media. 

3. Delete Section - delete everything in the selection, leaving an empty space in the timeline

4. Ripple Delete Section - delete everything in the selection and move all videos from the right of the timeline to connect with the ones on the left. 


Here’s how it works

Click and Drag to Select: Easily click and drag the green or red playhead handles to define the exact section of your timeline you wish to work with. 


Visual Highlight for Precision: The selected area will be highlighted in a bright yellow, giving you a clear visual cue of your work area. 


Versatile Editing and Publishing Options: Once you've made your selection, you can export this segment, save it as a new project, or delete the selection if it doesn’t fit your vision. 

 Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey in video editing, this feature is designed to simplify your process, we hope you'll like it and we can't wait to hear your feedback. 


Happy Editing! 🎬🌟


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