Affiliate Program

Welcome to our Flixier partner community. By becoming a Flixier affiliate partner you get the opportunity to spread the word about a game-changing product in the video-editing segment that your followers will love.

Flixier core values

Flixier is built upon 3 core value principles that will enable you and the ones you refer to:

  1. Experience blazing fast editing and rendering speeds for any video on low powered computers, effectively leveling the playing field for creators
  2. Real-time project sharing and collaboration when editing video. No more renders, uploads and endless email streams for getting feedback or staying updated
  3. Seamless cloud integrations and editing workflows. From now on files can be imported from various sources in Flixier, edited and published without ever landing on your local storage.

What do you get:

As a Flixier affiliate partner you will earn a monthly recurring revenue stream from every paying account that you refer as follows:

  • 25% revenue from the purchased subscription
  • Recurring revenue for the lifetime of the referred account
  • Additionally you get your own dashboard where you can keep track of referred users and the amount you are making


Getting started:

  1. Sign-up as an affiliate here:
  2. After sign-up you will find the affiliate link in your dashboard. Feel free to share with everyone.

Thank you and welcome onboard! 🎉🥳🎉

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