Best way to convert video for YouTube

Best way to convert video for YouTube

Due to the very large of variety of devices used for capturing video these days you might end up with different video formats, some of them not supported by YouTube. Mobile Phones, Camcorders, Digital Cameras, webcams and more could be used for video recording. 

In addition to the different types of devices each manufacturer has his own way of handling video encoding which means that the chances of ending up with an unrecognized file type might be even higher.

For those situations the team at Flixier has developed an easy online converting tool that can be used both for converting your video file and uploading it directly to YouTube. Even more you can edit YouTube videos as well if you need to.



1. To convert video for YouTube using Flixier you need to go here and create an account, there are no fees for that. After that you can create a new project and this will lead you to the next step.

The Flixier project management interface with the Create Project button highlighted.


2. You are now presented with an editing screen, all you have to do is click "Import" and select the file that you want to upload. Note that you can also use files from your Google Drive and Dropbox.

The Flixier Personal Library interface with the Import button highlighted.


Flixier Import media window.


3. Once your file is uploaded you will be able to drag and drop it into the white area in the middle of the screen (that is called a stage).

The main Flixier interface.


All you have to do now is click Export on the top right corner of the screen, you will be able to add all kinds of properties that YouTube uses for your video, like Title, Description, Tags, Thumbnail, privacy rules and even the YouTube playlist.

The Flixier exporting menu.

After you set all the details press the Export video button and your video will be sent and posted automatically on YouTube. This step is very fast on our tool and it all depends on how quickly YouTube will process the video which is usually affected by the video length. 

You're good to go, share that video with the world and start raking up those subs.


Good To Know

As you might have noticed on step 3 presented above Flixier is a full fledged online video editing tool allowing you to do some adjustments on your video too. You can apply filters, adjust brightness and saturation, add text and pictures and so much more.

Still if your only goal is to convert the video and upload it to YouTube you can safely ignore all that and just follow the steps we showed above before.


Advantages of converting video with Flixier

A lot of thought and effort went into developing Flixier and this means that you will enjoy many benefits when using it:

  • No quality loss
  • Amazingly fast conversion and upload
  • No need to install any programs
  • Included Editing features

How the Flixier editor can help you improve your videos:

Flixier comes packed with an easy to use, feature-rich editor that you can use to make your videos look professional. You can use Flixier to crop, cut, trim and delete parts of a video. You can also use it to combine multiple clips together, or overlay images and logos and help you build up the brand identity of your channel. 

Our voice, webcam and screen recording capabilities make it easy to create vlog-type videos or record your reactions to certain things happening in your video. You even have the option to generate natural-sounding voice overs based on the script you paste in, so you can always make sure your videos have great narration even if you're a little camera-shy. 

If you want to make your videos stand out even more, you'll be happy to know that Flixier also offers a free library of customizable, ready-made Like, Share and Subscribe animations,  motion titles and overlays that you can drag and drop onto your video and combine in order to make intros for YouTube and give your videos that final professional touch.


Some Goodies

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above Flixier also helps you in a different way. If you find yourself in need of feedback for your video before uploading it all you have to is click the Share button on the top right corner and you can share a link with your video with as many people as you want. They can also add time-based comments on the video making it so much easier for you to make the required changes.

That is all you need to do to convert video for uploading on YouTube, give Flixier a try and boost your Youtube channel.

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  • built-in libraries of Motion Titles and Transitions
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