What is the best computer for video editing?

What is the best computer for video editing?

This is something we've been really keen on telling people about. Video rendering speed is a very sensitive subject and one that gathers many searches on google. It is very well known that video rendering is one of the biggest bottlenecks in the video editing job.

Just by doing a little research you will see people asking all sorts of questions trying to figure out the solution for faster rendering: "What is the best computer for video editing?", "What CPU should I use for faster rendering?", "What GPU should I get for faster rendering?" even "What should I upgrade to for faster render?", "Which video editing software renders the fastest?", "Is MacOS better for faster rendering ?"  and so on. 

As we can see there is a lot of confusion and of course many variables that affect rendering. Some of those questions aren't even the best questions to ask but that just reinforces how difficult this is for creators, especially for those who don't have the deep technical know-how required by this matter. What you usually end up with is wasting a lot of time waiting for renders or spending a huge amount of money on very expensive hardware that doesn't always help.

So what are your options then? Well there are few things you could try to improve the experience but none of them are perfect, let's get through them:

1. Final Cut Pro background rendering:

  • This is a great feature implemented by Apple in its Final Cut Pro software. Enabling this feature means that the video renders while you edit which in turn means that you can enjoy faster final renders when you finish your work. While this sounds good on paper it also means that you need to own an Apple computer and one that is also very powerful, otherwise the experience will be hampered and you will get significant slowdowns while editing.

 2. Web-based video editors:

  • In the past years, many tools that allow you to edit video in the browser have shown up. These programs run their rendering engine on a server in the cloud meaning that they free up your computer from the burden of local video rendering. Again this is great in theory because this means that you can edit on lower-end devices but the problem of slow rendering is still there. Due to the old technologies that they use to render video you are placed in a queue waiting for other videos to finish rendering, sometimes having to wait many hours for your turn to come.

 3. Render farms:

  • Another solution could be render farms, they also use their own rendering servers and allow you to upload your project and render it for you. They seem to be a good solution for our issue but they are really expensive and usually only an option for big production studios.


A better way

Yes we truly think that there is a better way. At Flixier we developed a proprietary technology to combine some of the benefits we discussed above in a complete package that is accessible for everyone. What do we mean by this? Let's get deeper into it.

1. #1minuterender - our technology allows you to render any video that is up to 1 hour long in under one minute. We developed this incredible method of rendering that is almost as giving you the power of 100 computers on demand when you need to render.

2. Cloud-based - like some of the solutions we presented above our technology is also cloud-based, still, we one-upped the competition by removing the need for queues so what you get is 1 minute renders from the moment you press the button.

3. Device agnostic - since we use servers to render your project you don't need to worry about your hardware anymore, you can use lower-end devices and even tablets in the future to make your cuts without worrying about the render times.

4. Seamless integration - our rendering engine is seamlessly integrated in Flixier, you don't need to upload your project somewhere else or do other time consuming "hacks" all you have to do is press export.

5. Cost effective - our solution gives you plenty of rendering time in the cloud to suit your needs. Factoring the saves you make not having to shell out for extremely expensive hardware or for render farms and you can save both time and money.

This is all for now, there is no doubt that this feature will improve your workflow by a mile and we can't wait for you to try it. Sign up now to dramatically save time on your video creation.

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