What is the best computer for video editing?

What is the best computer for video editing?

This is something we've been really excited to talk about. Video rendering is a very sensitive subject and one that gets a lot of Google searches. It's not a secret at this point that waiting around for videos to render is probably the biggest bottleneck in the process of video editing. 


Just by doing a little Googling, we've found people desperately asking all sorts of questions in an attempt to find a solution for quicker video rendering. “What is the best computer for video editing?", “What CPU should I use for faster rendering?”, "What GPU should I get for faster rendering"?" and even “What should I upgrade to for faster render?” or “Which video editing software renders the fastest?”. 


In this article, we're going to try to answer some of those questions and clear up some of the confusion that seems to surround the topic of video rendering. The fact of the matter is, video rendering is influenced by a lot of variables. So many that, in fact, some of the questions we talked about earlier aren't even the right questions to ask, though that only goes to show how confusing this topic can be for creators, especially for those that don't happen to have a lot of technical know-how. Because of that, what most people end up doing is spending a lot of time waiting around on renders, or spending a lot of money on expensive hardware that doesn't always help.


That's why we decided to explore some alternative options that you can try in order to hopefully improve your experience:  


1. Final Cut Pro background rendering:

This is a feature that Apple implemented in its Final Cut Pro software. Turning this one means that your video will render as you edit, which in turn means that there will be less of the video left for you to render when you're done editing. While this all sound great on paper, keep in mind that you need to own an Apple computer in order for this too work, and a pretty powerful one at that. On lower end devices, your editing experience will be hampered by the background rendering and you're bound to experience significant slowdowns. 


 2. Web-based video editors:

Over the past few years, a lot of browser video editors have popped up. These revolutionary new tools use powerful cloud servers to do the rendering away from your computer. This means that you no longer have to wait around for your computer to do the rendering work. It will all be done for you. And the apps don't put your computer under stress in the process, so you can use it for something else. This makes online video editors a great tool for people that want to create videos using lower end devices. 


The bad news is, however, that a lot of these current tools use a queue system, which means that you will have to wait around for other people's videos to render before your video gets its turn.


 3. Render farms:

Another solution could be render farms. These also use their own rendering servers in order to render your projects for you. Rendering farms are a really good solution to the rendering speed issues, but because of how expensive they are, they don't really make sense financially unless you're running a big production studio. 


A better way

At Flixier, we believe that there is a better way to solve this problem. We developed a proprietary technology that combines the benefits we discussed above into a video maker that's easily accessible for anyone. Not sure what that means? Let's take a closer look at the features that Flixier can offer: 

1. #1minuterender - Our technology allows you to render any video that is up to 1 hour long in under one minute. We developed this incredible method of rendering that is almost as powerful as having access to 100 computers at once when you need to render something.

2. Cloud-based - Like some of the solutions we talked about above, our technology is cloud-based. However, we have eliminated the need for waiting in line. There's no rendering queues when using Flixier, so your video will start rendering from the moment you click the Export button. 

3. Device agnostic - Since we use our own servers to do all the hard work, you no longer need to worry about having the latest and greatest hardware in order to edit your videos. And since Flixier runs entirely in your web browser, without andy installs or downloads, that means you can use it on any modern operating system. This isn't a platform specific tool, you can use it as a Chromebook Video Editor when you're on the go and then continue your work on Windows after you get home.

4. Seamless integration - our rendering engine is seamlessly integrated in Flixier, you don't need to upload your project somewhere else or do other time consuming "hacks" all you have to do is press export.

5. Cost effective - our solution gives you plenty of rendering time in the cloud to suit your needs. Factoring the saves you make not having to shell out for extremely expensive hardware or for render farms and you can save both time and money.

This is all for now, there is no doubt that this feature will improve your workflow by a mile and we can't wait for you to try it. Sign up now to dramatically save time on your video creation.

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