Welcome to Flixier, the fastest online video editing software

Welcome to Flixier, the fastest online video editing software


Hello to all video creators out there, this is an exciting day and a day I was looking forward to for almost a year.

Today we are introducing Flixier to the world and we would love to get your feedback. I will get right into our story so you can get an idea of what drives us everyday to build this great product.

The journey of Flixier started in 2018 when we decided to create a few marketing videos. To our surprise we were disappointed by the lack of quality that most video editing software offers. 

We are talking about very slow rendering, unstable tools that crash as if we were in 2001 and the lack of any quick and easy collaboration method. We seriously had to render a video about 15 times until it was done, that is all due to feedback required in the process. 

Full disclosure here, we are by no means professional video editors and I am sure that most of you wouldn't need that many iterations but still, having to do this each time you need some feedback just didn't feel right in 2018. 

We talked to other creators and we weren’t that surprised to find out that more of you struggle with the same issues every day. So we decided to build Flixier, we know there is a sea of other video editing tools around but we buckled up and decided to make a difference.

Flixier main goals

  • An advanced video editing tool that runs flawlessly in any computer browser.
  • A video rendering champion that offers under 1 minute renders for any video up to 1 hour long.
  • An all-in-one solution for editing, sending and receiving feedback from project stakeholders with no rendering required.
  • A tool that allows video editors to share projects, libraries and collaborate in real time just like you do in Google Docs.
  • A cloud storage solution that securely stores all your projects a login away.
Main Flixier video editing interface

That is just the tip of the ice-berg, so join us in this journey to build the best video editing tool out there. We realize that at least initially competing with the likes Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro feature wise isn't possible but we want to get the basics right so we urge you to send us requests with features you use the most in your preferred editor, it would greatly help us to build a product that is tailored to your needs.

Flixier now

  • A video editing tool that runs best in Chrome.
  • A tool that works very well even on low-end specifications.
  • A video rendering monster that can crunch any video that is up to 1 hour long in under 2-3 minutes.
  • A collaboration tool that allows you to simply share links with your colleagues and receive time-based feedback.

Flixier Beta

We have big plans ahead, stick with us, subscribe and most importantly start using the Flixier beta, I will bring you future updates with many more details. I will also keep you posted on our development status and let you know when you can try new features. 

Create beatiful videos in minutes with Flixier

  • fast editing on any device - no installs
  • super easy to use
  • built-in libraries of Motion Titles and Transitions
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