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If you are creating content for social media or if you are frequently adding subtitles and text to your videos this update is for you. 


NEW Social Media Safe Zones

Flixier now helps you make sure your content is visible on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts by previewing how it’ll look on those platforms with Safe Zones. Click near the canvas and toggle Safe Zones in the properties panel on the right to see where your content is obstructed by each platform’s interface, or choose “All” to view the Safe Zones for all platforms at the same time. This will help you adjust important elements like text or subtitles so they stay visible when posted on social media.


IMPROVEMENT  Separate Text and Subtitles Tabs

This new tab makes it easier and more efficient to add, edit, and manage subtitles and text throughout your video project. Text has it's own tab where you can pick from simple text or presets while in the new Subtitle Tab you can choose between Generating a subtitle, uploading one you already have or creating a manual one. 



IMPROVEMENT  New languages and voices

Starting today, we’re adding 15 new voices and 2 new languages to Flixier’s text to speech feature. You’ll now be able to use the Finnish and Cantonese languages to create professional-sounding video content.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We appreciate your support and look forward to helping you create great content.

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