Editing in Flixier vs Adobe Premiere Rush

Editing in Flixier vs Adobe Premiere Rush

The latest addition to Adobe’s Creative suite of editing software, Adobe Premiere Rush aims to provide a cross-platform, easy-to-use alternative to the more complex Premiere Pro. 

Available on desktop operating systems like Windows and MacOS as well as Android and iOS, Premiere Rush is very similar to Flixier in that it makes heavy use of Cloud technology (in order to sync projects between devices) and allows users to make easy one-click adjustments or access a library of music, stock images or customizable overlays. 

There are, however, several differences between the two products that could prove to be important to you depending on your needs and use case. 

1. Stock media library and transitions

Both Flixier and Premiere Rush offer easy in-app access to a media library full of stock images and music that users can add to their videos. This is meant to make the user’s work easier by eliminating the need to search and register for multiple stock media websites. 

The difference here, however, is that while Flixier gives you access to all the stock images it has to offer for free, Premiere Rush requires a subscription to Adobe Stock. The service offers users access to a limited number of images per month in exchange for a monthly fee, which can end up being quite costly if we consider the fact that Adobe Rush also requires a paid subscription.

Similarly, both Flixier and Premiere Rush offer their users a number of customizable overlays and transitions that can be added to the videos. In the case of Premiere Rush, however, the number of transitions is very limited at the time of writing, with less than 5 of them being available. Flixier, meanwhile, offers you more than 60 transitions that can help make their videos more stylish and engaging. 

2. Chroma key support

Another important difference in features between the two is that Flixier has Chroma Key (also known as “green screen”) support. Despite it being one of the features most often requested by the community, Premiere Rush still does not have Chroma Key support, with the feature only being available in Adobe Premiere Pro.

3. Bring your files over from your favorite cloud service

While Premiere Rush offers seamless integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud storage, Flixier allows you to import files from the most popular cloud storage services out there. The list includes Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive and even video conferencing apps like Zoom. It also lets you bring over media from sites like YouTube or SoundCloud. And all this without having to make a single download.

4. Duplicate projects

Another useful Flixier feature that is sadly missing from Premiere Rush is the ability to duplicate projects. This allows you to instantly create a copy an identical copy of a project. Duplicating projects comes in useful when you want to make radical changes (such as changing the Aspect Ratio, for example) and still be able to go back to the original way your project was in case you make any mistakes too large for the Undo function to fix. 

On top of all that, because Flixier stores your files in the Cloud, you never have to worry about your duplicate projects taking too much space. Nothing is stored on your computer, so you can stop worrying about managing your disk space and concentrate on getting your videos just right! 

5. Lightning-fast rendering

While both programs make extensive use of the Cloud throughout the editing process, it is important to note that Premiere Rush still renders your videos locally. This means that the time it takes for your video to export is dependent on the hardware you’re using. Sure, time to export also varies based on the length of the video and the complexity of the edits, but on an average laptop you could still have to wait hours for your clip to be ready, during which time your laptop will probably be laggy and unusable due to the strain being put on its processor. 

Flixier solves this issue by using cutting edge technology to render your videos in the Cloud. This means that most videos are done in three minutes or less and your computer doesn’t have to do any work. Just click on export and then expect a notification in the next few minutes letting you know that your video is ready to be shared or downloaded. 

This not only frees up time and allows you to be more productive instead of having to wait for your computer to finish rendering, but also lets you worry less about hardware and focus more on creating quality content for your audience.  

We hope this post managed to shed some light on the key differences between Flixier and Adobe Premiere Rush. Although we believe both products can be great tools for any content creator, we hope you found this useful in picking the right one for your video editing needs.

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