Flixier cloud video editing vs Camtasia

Flixier cloud video editing vs Camtasia

After its initial release back in 2002, Camtasia (formerly known as Camtasia Studio) quickly became one of the most popular tools for creating video tutorials or presentations. A well established name within the video editing community, Camtasia offers a multitude of features to allow its users to record their screen, add voice overs, edit their videos and share it on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. 

However, even though Camtasia is a fantastically powerful piece of software, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for alternatives such as Flixier. 

1. Browser-based and multi-platform

One of the main things that sets the two apart is that while Camtasia requires installing and only runs natively on Windows and Mac (with the two versions being somewhat different in features), Flixier is built and optimized to run straight from your web browser. 

This means that Flixier runs smoothly on a variety of systems, from Windows machines to Chromebooks, Macs, or even computers running various Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. 

Running inside the browser and using cutting edge cloud technology also ensures that Flixier performs well and runs fast even on older, less powerful machines. This removes a big barrier of entry when it comes to video editing and not only saves you money, but lets you focus more on your content rather than the hardware you’re using. 

2. Render videos in under 3 minutes

Like most video editing software, Camtasia renders the videos locally. What this means is that the speed at which they’re rendered depends on your machine’s processing power and in most cases you can expect it to take about as long as the length of the video, if not more. 

Flixier, however, uses cutting edge technology that renders your videos using cloud computing. This ensures that your videos will be rendered and ready for publishing in 3 minutes or less regardless of the computer you’re using. This not only makes having to meet deadlines a lot less stressful but also frees up more time for you to edit your videos before exporting. 

3. Collaborate with your team

More often than not, you might find yourself working on a team project. Collaborating with others can prove difficult when editing videos, especially if you can’t meet up with your other team members. Camtasia’s solution to the problem is allowing you to archive your project files (and all of the assets being used) as a .zip file that you can send over and share with your colleagues. This way of doing things can prove effective for some teams but it still leaves a lot to be desired: it still has you sending around large files, not to mention that once everyone starts making changes to the project file they receive, keeping track of all the different versions of your video and merging them together can quickly become an overwhelming task. 

Flixier, however, offers a much simpler way for its users to collaborate on projects. Much like Google Docs, Flixier lets you sync projects in real time, share files instantly and ask for feedback all with the click of a button and without any rendering required. This makes it easy for teams to work together on videos without having to sort through folders full of assets and archived project files or waste precious time waiting for their videos to render each time they want to ask for feedback on a change they made. 

We hope this blog post managed to properly illustrate the main differences between Camtasia and Flixier and helps you make an informed decision about which of the products is better suited for your needs!

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