How compressing a WEBM online will save you time

How compressing a WEBM online will save you time

Compressing videos can come in handy when you need to share them over instant messaging apps, send them through emails, or simply save some precious space on your hard drive. However,  the process can be unintuitive, convoluted and more often than not, time consuming. 

We believe that our online WEBM compressor solves that problem! And in this article, we’re going to show you how using an online tool like Flixier to compress your videos can help you save precious amounts of time: 


No more waiting around for downloads and installs

Most free video compression apps require you to download and install them to your computer before you can use them. Naturally, this leads to a lot of headaches since you need to make sure the app will working with your operating system, free up space on your drive (which is counter-intuitive since you’re probably compressing videos specifically to fix the space issue), wait around for it to download and pay attention throughout the installation process to make sure you don’t accidentally check a box that gets adware and other unwanted software onto your computer. 

Flixier fixes that by moving everything online. All you need to do in order to compress WEBM videos with Flixier is open up our video compressor tool in your favorite browser. There aren’t any downloads or installs (not even a browser plug-in!) and because of that, our tool works on any operating system that can run modern browsers like Chrome or Firefox. 


You don’t need to create an account

To streamline the video compression process even more, we made it so that Flixier doesn’t even ask you for an account. You can just drag the video over from your computer and start compressing without giving away your data or wasting time with activation emails. 


Your videos are always compressed in record time

One of the biggest advantages of using Flixier is that it’s all cloud-powered. That means all the heavy lifting is done by our servers. This way, there’s no unnecessary strain put on your system and the compression process will always be lighting fast, regardless of how powerful your computer is! 


Enjoy a simple, intuitive interface

You don’t need a degree in video production to compress your videos with Flixier. Our online tool has an intuitive interface that anyone can understand and use effectively without having to waste time on tutorials. 

A screenshot displaying the Flixier video compressor interface

There’s one slider to control the amount of compression and another one to control how many Frames Per Second you want your video to have. You also get the option of toggling between Bitrate and CRF compression as well as adjust the video resolution, but you don’t have to touch those options if you don’t know what they do. The compression slider is more than enough to compress your WEBM video efficiently. 


You can jump right into editing without having to use a different app

Sometimes, compressing a WEBM video isn’t all that you need to do. You might be looking for a way to generate subtitles, add a voice over, cut something out of a video, loop it, crop it or add a transition. 

Well, the good thing is that Flixier can do all that and more! Our powerful online video editor is perfectly integrated with our video compressor so you can jump straight into editing your video once you're done compressing it. Don’t worry though! If compression is everything you wanted, then you can immediately save the compressed video to your computer and share it online. 

The Download Video and Edit Video options

So, what are you waiting for? Open up our online video compression tool and start compressing your videos now!

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