How to export a video in Flixier

How to export a video in Flixier

Quick intro to video exporting in Flixier

When you have completed a project and are ready to export you can do so by clicking on the save project icon in the toolbar and then by clicking on the export button in the top right corner of the screen.

Clicking the export button will greet you with the message below. It is good to know that you can now go to your project and continue to make edits to your project while the project renders.

IMPORTANT: Due to the great feedback and sign-off features embedded in Flixier, you can send drafts and receive feedback on your projects without having to export first. We strongly advise you to use that feature for a much faster workflow. 

After exporting the video if you choose to go to the dashboard you will see a screen similar to the one below. Your current project shows a loading circle until it has finished downloading. At that moment you will receive both a notification and an e-mail with a link to the video. Now you can view it, download it or delete it.

While in beta we aim for an export time of 2-3 minutes for any video,  a followup update will lower it to under 1 minute soon.

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