Seven Tips For Making Better Instagram Video Ads

Seven Tips For Making Better Instagram Video Ads

Whether you're a small business owner or the manager of a large multinational company, PPC video ads are among the most compelling forms of paid advertisement on Instagram. 

In fact, according to Timothy Masek, senior growth strategist at Ladder, Instagram video ads are roughly twice as effective as video ads on Facebook. 

So if you're looking to create more compelling Instagram video ads, you've come to the right place!  

Getting potential customers to stop their scrolling and focus their attention on your content is not easy, but with a bit of know-how, it's certainly possible.

By implementing specific techniques and strategies, not to mention a touch of creativity, you can increase the odds of driving users to your landing pages. 

Let's take a look at how to do this! 


1. The First Few Seconds are Make or Break

Instagram users scroll through their feed at a rapid pace, so unless something immediately grabs their attention, they won't linger long. 

Also, bearing in mind that the video will most likely be muted, the best way to engage users is through eye-catching movement in your videos. 

Don't go with a slow and gradual intro to your videos. They need to be visually appealing right from the get-go. 

You can achieve this by using bright colours, "loud" imagery, and plenty of movement. 

This will make it much harder for users to scroll past without tuning in to see what all the commotion is about! 


2. Lead with Visuals (Captions and Text)

Again, content is usually muted, so captions and on-screen text are going to be the best way to catch their attention and communicate with your viewers. 

However, you don't have to opt for basic subtitles. 

You can get your message across in a more vibrant way using text effects. 

Flixier allows you to create bolder, more dynamic text for your video, which will more effectively capture your viewers' interest. 

That said, don't overcrowd your video with text. Keep it simple, with short captions that won't tire the viewer out. 

Plus, make sure you don't neglect audio. Even if videos start muted, it's still essential to have users who decide your content is worth clicking on to view in completion. 


3. Interact With Your Audience

Your job isn't over once the ad is published; you need to keep it alive by actively responding to any comments, likes, shares, and activity it gets. 

You can do this by replying to comments and questions, showing that you're receptive and willing to engage with potential customers. 

The more you do this, the better the customer experience will be, which ultimately leads you closer to a sale.

You can use platforms like Sprout Social to monitor your ad comments, likes and mentions. 

This can be useful when it comes to gauging the reception and effectiveness of an ad so you can make adjustments when and where needed.


4. Don't Be Pushy

People generally don't respond well to being aggressively sold to, and many viewers will opt out the minute they realize that's the video's aim. 

You can avoid this by making an effort not to be too sales-like and too blatantly an advertisement. 

The best way to do this is to make it an entertaining or educational watch. Provide value and insight, rather than saying, "Buy me!" 

If the video has merit beyond just displaying a product, then people watch it just for the pleasure of watching. 

Try sharing tips, tutorials or advice which your potential customers might find helpful. 

They might not necessarily go on to buy your product, but they're more likely to respond positively and engage with the video. 

The trick is to get the balance right. 

Provide some value and insight for viewers while still promoting your product or service at the same time. 


5. Optimize Your Instagram Video Ad for Mobile Users

Instagram is principally a mobile app. 

You can still access it on a desktop. However, what you can do there is limited, so most users mainly access it on their phones and tablets.

In other words, both your ads and landing pages need to be optimized for mobile devices. 


6. Narrow Your Focus

If there's too much going on in your Instagram video ad, viewers will become overwhelmed and turn their attention elsewhere. 

It would be best if you didn't overload your video ads, cramming in educational content, price info, brand ethos, etc. 

Keep it sparse and straightforward, clear and concise!

You can do this by focussing on just one key message or topic. If you're a sustainable brand, for example, lead with that and don't deviate. 


7. Stay Consistent With Your Other Posts

The most aesthetically pleasing Instagram brands stick to particular color themes, formatting, tone of voice, and styles. 

Consistency and repetition have long been a great marketing strategy on Instagram, as people tend to follow and stick with content they know they like. 

Make sure you apply this same uniformity to your video ads so that viewers can recognize you and don't get put off by out-of-character content.


Creating Effective, Compelling Video Ads On Instagram

Creating Instagram video ads is all about creating content that will attract and engage viewers.

Planning and orchestrating the right strategy will help you achieve this. 

Try incorporating the above tips and make your video ads enticing, snappy and sure to stand out from your competition!

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