The #1 Best Video Editing App For YouTube

The #1 Best Video Editing App For YouTube

Today, YouTube is known as one of the top three most popular social media networks, right alongside Facebook and Instagram. 

Therefore, if you're a brand or business looking to make a name for yourself in today's digital landscape, you need to have an active YouTube channel where you can share videos that will better connect you with your audience. 

Below, we're looking at how Flixier is the absolute best video editing app for YouTube influencers, professional businesses, and personal brands alike! 

Create full-length videos, intros for YouTube videos, and more! 


Video Marketing On YouTube

Ask almost anyone and they'll tell you that social media marketing is a crucial element of any successful brand's marketing approach. 

This means that being active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is a must if you're looking to connect your business with as many potential leads and customers as possible. 

Today, there are roughly 2 billion active logged-in users on YouTube every month! 

Globally, people watch a jaw-dropping 1 billion hours of video every day! 

The average viewer alone spends roughly 42 minutes per day watching videos on YouTube!

In other words, creating and sharing videos on YouTube is a great way to connect with a potentially massive online audience from all over the globe! 

Now that we've established that, let's review a few key features that make Flixier the perfect video editing app for YouTube! 


Add Like And Subscribe Buttons Directly To Your Videos

As a YouTube marketer, you want your viewers to like your videos and subscribe to your channels as often as possible. 

Therefore, one of the best things you can do is to add like and subscribe buttons directly into your videos so you'll have a better chance of viewers taking action when watching one of your videos. 

As the best free video editing software for YouTube, Flixier makes it easy for virtually anyone to cut, edit, and trim video content, or add like, share, or subscribe buttons at prime times throughout the video. 


Create Visually Engaging Videos

Because there's already a ton of competition on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet, you must take the time to create and share videos that are captivating, eye-catching, and visually engaging. 

Fortunately, Flixier provides you with the ability to instantly add motion graphics or text overlays to your videos so they'll go from drab to fab in no time! 

You can also use other eye-catching features, like slow motion, timelapse, or freeze-frame, to help captivate and engage your audience. 


Any Video, Anywhere! 

No matter what type of videos you're looking to create, Flixier has got you covered! 

Instantly create how-to videos, workout clips, explainer videos, tutorials, travel videos, and more just by signing in and importing your clips from any other device or cloud storage service. 

Whether you want to create a full-length video for your personal brand, or an in-depth virtual tour of your business’s product inventory, you can create videos, cool intros for YouTube videos, and any other type of videos, anywhere, any time! 


Creating And Editing Videos For YouTube

Create and edit YouTube videos in as little as three steps! 

  1. Start by adding your video clips, music, and images directly to your Flixier library. Then, drag them onto your Timeline.
  2. Cut, trim, remove, arrange and position your video segments and components in any order you desire. You can also add motion graphics, text overlays, and sounds to make your videos more engaging and immersive.
  3. Use Flixier's direct integration feature to instantly upload your edited video to YouTube or other online storage destinations.

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