The fastest way to upload a video on YouTube

The fastest way to upload a video on YouTube

Publishing videos made with Flixier is as smooth as the rest of our editing features. After all, we're all about speed so we decided to integrate our system with some of the most popular social media platforms as well as YouTube and cloud storage solutions. Having to download videos that you edited in the cloud only to then upload them somewhere else is one of the most common problems that people seem to have with online video editors, so we decided to fix that. 

Even though we think that with our lightning-fast rendering times, waiting for a download still doesn't even come close to the time you'd waste waiting around on a traditional video editor, we know that this is greatly affected by factors like internet connection speed, so we wanted to please even the biggest skeptics by allowing creators to publish directly to online services. 

In this way we are speeding things up even more by removing two big steps from your workflow: downloading from the web editor and uploading to social media or cloud storage. Factor in the fact that zero local storage space is used for this process and the benefits of using an online video editor become even more clear!

Let's see how the Publish page looks like right after hitting the Export button in Flixier.


Main Publish Settings

The Flixier export screen


The first thing that we can see after selecting export in Flixier is the preview window located on the left side of the screen which allows us to take one last look at our production. 

In the first vertical panel (situated to the right of the preview window), we can find the main Export settings. These allow you to change the export video name and resolution as well as give it a custom thumbnail. 

If you take a look to the far right of the screen, you'll see a list of toggles. Enabling any of those will publish your video directly to those platforms. It will all happen automatically when the video has finishes rendering, no other interaction is required from you and the files are sent directly from the Flixier storage space to those external services so the publishing process won't be slowed down by your internet connection.


YouTube Publishing

The Flixier export screen

If you've used Flixier before, you probably know that you can use it to import videos from YouTube, making it a very fast and effective online YouTube cutter. The ability to also publish videos directly to YouTube, on top of our advanced screen, voice and camera recording feature and the motion titles and animated graphics library makes Flixier the perfect tool to edit YouTube videos, especially if you're making things like travel vlogs, gym videos or video tutorials. 


When publishing your videos online, the platform will probably ask you for more details, so a simple Title will not suffice. To fill in these details, just click on the name of the platform in the list and the options will show up on the left allowing you to fill everything out. 

For YouTube we can select a playlist, set a title and description, add tags and even choose the Privacy level. The thumbnail can be selected from the video or it can be uploaded from a different source. The most important part is that you won’t need to wait and in order to upload a video to YouTube, it will get transferred from the Flixier server in a matter of seconds. 


Vimeo Publishing

Flixier export screen with the Vimeo option checked

Vimeo is very similar to YouTube in the sense that you don’t need to upload a video to Vimeo anymore. Your video is sent over directly by Flixier almost instantly. 


Other Platforms

As seen in the screenshots we also support Dropbox and Google Drive for those of  you that would prefer to store your videos on a different cloud storage provider. 

Facebook is also in the works and you will soon be able to post a video directly to a page, Behance also comes soon after in our list. If there are any other platforms that you would like to see us support hit us up in an e-mail and we will be happy to listen to your thoughts.

Also, did I mention that you can publish on all these platforms simultaneously? Yeah, you heard that right, from Flixier to all these platforms in seconds. 


Exports Library

The Flixier exports library

After you rendered any project you can view it in the "Exports" tab of your Flixier Pro dashboard alongside renders that are still in progress. In this list, you can click a file to view it again, download it, share it with other team members or publish it on more social media websites or external cloud storage providers.

This was a quick summary of Publishing in Flixier. Remember that this feature ties in with the very fast rendering I talked about a few posts before (you can read it here in case you missed it). Our aim was again to cut as many steps as possible in your workflow and we think we did a good job. 

We look forward to seeing what videos you create and publish, we know they will be awesome!

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