We added Flowplayer support to Flixier!

We added Flowplayer support to Flixier!

We are proud to announce that we partnered up with Flowplayer, the fastest and most deployed online video player in the world. 

For over a decade, Flowplayer has been providing broadcasters, publishers and media houses with a performance-focused, scalable platform to live stream and monetize videos.


Meet Flowplayer

Flowplayer allows you to easily embed and stream videos on your website using their highly customizable HTML5 player. You can modify the player’s layout and colors and add AI-driven automatic subtitles as well as manually-written captions to your videos to provide your visitors with the best possible video experience. 

Flowplayer also lets you schedule pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads from providers such as Google DFP, Google IMA, SpotX, AdX or FreeWheel. This gives you the ability to monetize your videos without having to upload them to a platform such as YouTube and depend on their monetization requirements. 

Flowplayer’s analytics dashboard also gives you access to all of the important stats and information about your videos, giving you a better understanding of what your audience wants and allowing you to focus on what matters most.  


How does the integration work? 

Working together with the team at Flowplayer, we developed a new integration, allowing you to link your Flixier and Flowplayer accounts. This means that you can now bring your Flowplayer videos over to Flixier and have them ready for editing in seconds, this also enables you to use all the benefits of Flixier like real-time collaboration and cloud powered rendering. When done editing you can export your videos in minutes directly to the Flowplayer platform to get access to their entire suite of functionality. 


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