Why use Flixier to edit Tik Tok videos

Why use Flixier to edit Tik Tok videos

Whether you’re an online entrepreneur using Tik Tok to promote your brand or just someone who likes expressing themselves through video, you’ll eventually get to the point where the in-app editor just can’t cut it anymore.  

Don’t get us wrong, Tik Tok’s built-in video editing tool does offer some nice features like adding stickers, cutting, cropping and adjusting the volume on videos. That being said though, it’s a pretty basic feature set and it really limits the things you can do with the app. 

The only real way to take your Tik Toks to the next level and unleash your creativity is to use a separate Tik Tok video editor like Flixier. Are you not convinced? Below, we’re going to show you some of the things that Flixier can do to make your Tik Toks more beautiful and engaging! 


Cut and trim videos precisely

Cutting and trimming videos on a mobile device isn’t always easy, especially if you happen to have large fingers or a tiny screen. Using a computer and a mouse and keyboard can allow for a lot more precision, not to mention make things a lot faster. 

Flixier’s powerful and intuitive Timeline makes cutting, trimming and splicing videos together extremely easy and fast! You can drag the playhead around with your mouse button to choose  where you want to make your cut and press the Cut button to cut things right at that second! 

And if that isn’t enough, the arrow keys allow you to move the playhead around one frame at a time to allow for perfectly precise cuts which you just can’t do on mobile! 


Choose from dozens of different transitions

Are you looking for a way to add Transitions without having to use Tik Tok’s premade templates? You got it! 

Flixier offers a free library filled with dozens of transitions that you can just drag and drop over your video in order to make things more engaging and fun for your audience! 


Easily add images, logos and watermarks

If you want to explain things a little better or include some branding in your videos, you can use Flixier to easily drag and drop images and logos on them and position them precisely using our snapping lines system. 


Turn any video into a Tik Tok

Flixier lets you easily adjust the Aspect Ratio of a video and convert it from landscape to portrait in order to make it watchable on mobile phones, as well as import videos from anywhere.

You can edit videos from your computer to turn them into Tik Toks, bring videos directly from your Google Photos or Dropbox accounts and even import Twitch clips and VODs from your account so you can crop them and promote your channel on the Tik Tok! 

Oh and before you ask, Flixier is compatible with all the common video formats including MP4, MOV, AVI and WMV, so you don’t have to worry about having to convert files or other things like that.


No installs or downloads

Lastly, while most video editing apps require installs and downloads, or Tik Tok editor runs in your web browser! That means it works on any computer and operating system, from Windows and MacOS, to ChromeOS and Linux. 

All you have to do in order to start improving your Tik Toks is register a free account, so head over to Flixier.com and start creating amazing videos now!

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